LVDS Receptacle

Features of LVDS Connectors

  • Meet EIA & MIL-STD standards
  • Excellent mechanical strength, dimensional stability, electrical performance, flame retardant, Chemical and high temperature plastic
  • Reflow process compatible
  • Compliance with CE & FCC & MSDS & RoHS requirements
  • Capacity 2 million pcs per month

  • Voltage:50V AC/DC
  • Current:0.5A DC max(per pin);0.3A DC(per pin/full pin)
  • Operation Temperature:-55~+85℃(Humidity range 90%RH max.)

Product Type Pitch PCB Mounting Dimension Mated Height Pin
LVDS Receptacle 0.5mm SMT 14.6x4.36x1.4mm 2.0mm 20
19.6x4.36x1.4 mm 30
24.6x4.36x1.4 mm 40
29.6x4.36x1.4 mm 50